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Silver Jewellry
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New Rock Boots
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Skull Tshirt
Skull Tshirt
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Termini e Condizioni

Important consumer's formations

with a goods order at the company

Hard Leather Stuff GmbH

Schulstr. 5

Elke Kerkhoff

34596 baths Zwesten

Tax No. 026/235/20118

USt-IdNr .: DE813631943

Tel. 05626-922544 / fax 05626-922545

district court Fritzlar Handelsregister No. 8374

e-mail: You follow Info@Lederbekleidung.com by means of e-mail / phone / fax / Internet shop-order form please the following legally prescribed tips: Our terms of delivery count to the dispatch within the Federal Republic of Germany. From the fa Hard Leather Stuff GmbH to given prices get on including VAT and dispatch. They have the possibility to pay your ordered product by precash or cash on delivery, customers with more than one order can pay, in addition, by credit card or bank move. The bill of sale becomes effective with preservation of the product. They have the possibility to return the ordered product within two weeks on receipt of without information of reasons. The taking back desire must in writing on a lasting data carrier (a sheet of paper) under information of the ordered product, the calculation number and your address to the fa Hard Leather Stuff GmbH, Schulstr. 5, 34596 baths Zwesten occur. The return or taking back occurs from a goods value of 40.00 euros at the expenses of and danger of the fa Hard Leather Stuff GmbH, with a goods value less than 40.00 euros the return or taking back occurs at the expenses of and danger of the consumer. The burden of proof for the return or taking back desire meets you as a consumer. Should the product have got worse within the 2-week return term, you are obliged to the substitute of the value of the product, as far as you have to represent the deterioration. Remember of giving the calculation number, your entire address and your bank connection with the allowance of the purchase price with. Please, note that from you unsealed (i.e. break of the seal point or open packaging foil) software products or books with data carriers are excluded from precalled right of return. For the rest, we refer to our general terms of business. An article should not fit dimensions exchange, we exchange this this article free of charge in the right size. Please, send the unused article and the respective one! Sender! back and lay a slip of paper with the Umtauschwunsh in the parcel. As soon as the article has arrived with us, we send to them the right size. Please, follow: With entitled complaint we send back you the product on our costs. The guarantee time of the manufacturer counts for guarantee exchange with all products. Should the product be available, in the meantime, no more in the same equipment, receive substitute by a suitable product with equivalent or higher achievement signs from our program of delivery. Defective goods must be completely sent with fault description to us. From the guarantee are excluded defects, by forcible damage, improper treatment.


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